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More strange goings on at Father Matthew Quay:

Tummblegate have applied for (another) change of use to their long-stalled development there, but, for the life of me, I can’t make out what they are actually applying for. It started life as a retail apartment offering, then got changes to ’boutique’ hotel. Now, I’m not sure what they want. Judge for yourself:

“internal alterations to an existing restaurant and change of use of a mixed use bar/restaurant, office and apartment development permitted by 03/27160 and ameneded by 04/28332 to a 36 bedroom boutique hotel at No’s 4 & 5 Father Mathew Quay and No 30 A South Mall, Cork. The proposed change of use will require modifications of the premitted internal layouts, provision of a sub-station, switch room and minor alterations to the premitted elevations. The proposed development also makes provision for the development of a first floor mezzanine level and associated internal alterations in the existing restaurant ‘Jacobs on the Mall’. No’s 4 & 5 Father Mathew Quay are protected structures”

Howard Holdings should hear back on their Atlantic Quarter development by Thursday (May Day). It is a mark of the quality of this proposal that the level of submissions were so low. Cork City Council would show great enthusiasm and commitment to the docklands project if they passed this one first time (with conditions if necessary). We don’t need this one going to further information…its got quality written all over it.
Compare it with the appalling proposals for Horgan’s Quay. Any news on this debacle by the way?

Some more up to date images of Acadamy Street Development:

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