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@Saucy Jack wrote:

Are they not just turning a minor unused eyesore lane into a trendy retail avenue ?

From a retail point of view the more attention you grab the better ?

Its a bit like Connolly Hall jammed onto the Old Trustee Savings Bank on Lapps Quay.

It might not be too bad as SOHO on Grand Parade looks Ok.

Historically Street names have always changed etc.

Points taken Jack. OCP will certainly be happy with it from a retail/commercial point of view. But can the rest of us live with it?
Connolly Hall is a joke. Soho is fine, but is jammed in tightly and doesn’t seek to over express that little laneway that it covers.
Yes, street names change, but shouldn’t they be changed by someone other than a developer? And either way, isn’t Opera Avenue just a cringe inducing title?

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