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Despite originally being against the demolition of the Examiner offices on St. Patrick Street (now part of OCP’s Academy Street/Faulkners Lane development), CCC has now given permission for the demolition of this building, to be replaced by the glass monstrosity seen below.
Luckily, I see An Taisce had already made a submission to CCC re the matter and hopefully they will appeal to An Bord Pleanala.

One of the main problems, as I see it, is that OCP are trying to make too much (architecturally speaking) of what is a very minor street off a major one. The reason Cook Street, Princes’ Street, French Church Street, etc. work so well is that the junctions of these streets with St. Patrick Street are modest and understated. The corner buildings fit in with the overall streetscape demonstrating the relative stature of each street. i.e. that all off these streets are minor streets off a major one. This glass monstrosity draws far too much attention to a junction which (in order to maintain the flow of the street) should not be drawn attention to.

The original examiner facade:

By the way, that image you can see on the facade of the proposed building (first floor, immediately to left of faulkners lane; woman modelling) is actually an advertising video screen! Classy or what. A giant billboard on Patrick Street is just what we need.
I notice OCP have begun referring to Faulkner’s Lane as “Opera Avenue” in some of their planning documents. Anybody else think this is a stupid name? Call the shopping centre what you want, but leave Faulkners lane as Faulkners Lane!

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