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@Radioactiveman wrote:

This is pretty outrageous! Wasn’t the whole point of spending so much time and money on Patrick Street that they had installed ducts to accomodate any further development, infrastructural needs on the street??
Does anyone know what the purpose of this trench is?

Like JUngle points out, there was no careful approach of removing the bricks and storing them for replacement…they have demolished the surface and recovered it in cement. What is the purpose? Who gave the ok for this? How many years will it be left before it will be replaced?
I’m disgusted at this! I know these large developments cant happen without ‘breaking a few eggs’ but the careless ploughing through the pavement is sickening.
Anybody know who in City Hall I should ring/email to vent my anger?

Dont waste your time on the City Manager.
He has no regard for the views of the ordinary citizen.

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