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carrigdhoun: high density does not equal high-rise, and the notion that every application should be dealt with ‘on its own merits’ means essentially the antithesis of planning; on its own merits within the context of wider planning considerations is a more accurate statement.

You are right of course about planning in general but I was refering to the proposed policy of limiting the city to 10 tall buildings in total. Why 10, who came up with this figure and why? My previous post shows that at the moment 12 tall buildings are either proposed in the city development plans or built.
I fear that policies such as this and the ban on developments over 3 stories in the Bishopstown / Wilton area have nothing to do with sustainable planning just the politics of some very conservative councilors who do not want to see change.
I notice only one of the Tall buildings is proposed for the northside of the city but if in the future a development is proposed for Mayfield, Churchfield, the Glen, anywhere and a tall building is proposed as part of it that and is well designed, why not consider it on its own merits?

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