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Regarding Cork City Councils latest proposal to limit the development of Tall Buildings (over 10 stories) around the city to 10, I think there is a contradiction here with the Southern Docklands Development Plan.
The CCC proposal stated that it will allow a new tall building in Mahon and one in Blackpool as well as the County Hall and the Elysian. It states that tall buildings in the Docklands will be limited to 6.
If you examine the Docklands Development Plan there is:
a. A 52M building proposed for the Kennedy neighbourhood centre.
b. A new landmark 68M building proposed at the end of the south quays.
c. A 52M building proposed for the Centre Park District centre.
d. A 96M building and an accompaning one 2/3 the height for the marina (the Howard Holdings application)
This makes five but also there are three Mill structures along the south docks to be preserved and converted to offices/apartments of 46M, 53M and 50M height including the R+H Hall building. So as far as I can see thats 8 for the docklands alone (unless they are going to require 15 foot ceiling heights!!!)
Outside of all this I think the proposal is ridiculous, why put limits at all? Every planning application should be taken on its own merit and in todays environment of ever rising energy costs, higher density and less sprall should be the only policy.

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