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… Ciaran Lynch, when Councillor, had a Motion seeking a precondition that there be a Municipal use of the Park as a precondition to Cork CC giving the GAA the extra land they need to redo the stadium. I e-mailed him on this in the run up to the election and he was v. responsive. Since he was elected I have e-mail him looking for updates from him / his co-opted replacement on the Council Not a sign of a reply. Not getting any more votes from me.)

Suspect that the level of development also means that despite the best efforts to the contrary of Amgen and his fellow incompetents that I’ll be travelling to the matches by Cork’s own Luas!

Finally, was that praise for Joe Gavin I saw in Kite’s last post? Strange times indeed…….

Ciaran Lynch was one of a very small handful of bright Councillors that would do Cork proud, unfortunately the co-opted Ms. Kingston is a huge disappointment and will cost Lynch dearly next time out.

;)As for the chosen one, credit where and when credit is due!

Pug,the Buttimer clones are a little bit special all right an embarrassment to any small hick village never mind a city like Cork, and to think we will have to endure them for a few more years at least.

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