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@who_me wrote:

That Howard Holdings plan sounds great.

Pity the towers are more likely to end up at 15, 10 and 7 stories. Or rejected in their entirety.

I dont think they will, I think the City Council have come in behind it, a few floors might get taken off but I dont think it will be halved. If they did, it would mean that months and years of pre planning talks were completely irrelevant. I was at the launch and it was mightily impressive, I’d seriously think about living there if the apartment was big enough and up high enough. Pair of binoculars then to look on a match in the newly redeveloped Pairc Ui Chaoimh with Micheal O Muirethurtaigh/George Hamilton/George Hook on the radio, happy days.

You should have heard the odd wisecracks from Howards on the night, they certainly and quite rightly have claimed this as their own vision. 5 years its taken to get it to planning. Michael Martin rowed in to take the gloss off it and talk about the tax incentives that we’ve been waiting on for years which will still have to go through the muddy waters of bureaucracy but Cowen is supportive of it. (yeah yeah). I wasnt around long enough to hear J Gavin talk.

Next major milestone now is the announcement of whether Cork gets the gateway funding in April to build the bridge.

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