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:)Hopefully it will be a case of second time lucky for John Flemings bid to build on the former Nemo Rangers GAA site on the South Douglas Road now that the entrance / exit will be by way of the FCA site on the Main Douglas Road.
Submission was lodged for 77 two and three storey semis and townhouses and 26 duplex apartments.

:oI will be interesting to see if it will be the wimps or the mega wimps that will prevail in the city planning department with regard to the Beacon Medical co-location plans for the CUH site.
One train of thought is to bury heads in the sand, kick the submission to touch and seek further information (2/1), the mega wimps on the other hand want to yield to political pressure and refuse outright (evens)

Those that see the benefit of 1200 high end jobs and shorter hospital waiting lists and support planning approval are at 1000/1.

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