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Ascon Property Developments Lt. have applied to redevelop the Government Buildings, Sullivan’s Quay, Cork The proposal calls for the demolition of the existing Government Office Building and the erection of three replacement abutting buildings arranged around a central pedestrian street and courtyard.

The total gross floor area of the proposal is 23,810sqm, comprising 4,490sqm retail uses, 10, 925sqm office uses and a 183 bedroom hotel with associated conference facilities and restaurant.
201 car parking spaces are also proposed.
Block A comprises partial 8 storey element along Meade Street.
Block at the corner of Sullivans Quay is to be a ten storey cylindrical tower……… plus a 17.4m high telecommunications mast!!

Those masts need to be banned from landmark buildings.

Does this seem a little…insane to anyone else?

201 parking spaces (plus the traffic those cars will generate), 8 and 10 storey towers, in a site that isn’t huge, with poor access roads which are already horribly congested.

At the same time, just a few hundred metres away the docklands are sitting gathering dust, while developers are trying to cram ever larger & taller buildings into inadequate sites around the city centre.

I’d love it if they were told to scale it down dramatically (likely) or better yet, advised the docklands would be perfect for a development of this size (won’t happen), or far larger/taller/grander if they wished it.

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