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With the regeneration of Grand Parade almost complete and looking great, (that horrible pod outside Bishop Lucey Park being the exception)
Planning permission secured by Joe O’Donovan for the former Capitol cinema.
Proposals to replace the ugly Government Buildings on Sullivan’s Quay.
The Flying Enterprise Bar owners buying the former CBS School building on Sullivan’s Quay for major redevelopment.
This part of the city will almost certainly be the place to be.
Any views that investment could pour into this area to the detriment of the Docklands now that everybody knows that our councillors, followed by our Government have made a complete mess of this project over the past 8 years?:o

Kite its not an eithor or argument – there will continue to be opportunities for infill development in the city centre island core as well as the docklands which is a completly different proposal for the east of the central core.Conversly these developments are most welcome in the historical and commercial heart of the city which will not actually be in competition with the docklands for development etc.If the Beamish or Murphys site comes up for redevelopment they are really the last 2 large sites available.

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