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@Spinal Tap wrote:

People living adjacent to international shipping port objecting to harbour development ?

Have they not noticed the shipping traffic over the years or the Verolme cranes in Rushbrooke ?

Cobh is falling down semi-derelect and if there were a few jobs in it for the residents it may not be too bad ?

The harbours tourist potential where you cannot moor a yacht in Cobh the home to the oldest yacht club in the world now in Crosshaven ?

Walk around Cobh some day soon fantastic architecture,amazing potential all left to rot.

To the best of my knowledge there are very few jobs as a result of this new development.
Also the development is expected to result in a HUGE volume of Container traffic (possibly 1 truck a minute) being added to the local road infrastructure, namely the N28… with a significant amount of this traffic heading towards the tunnel. including empty trucks returning to Ringaskiddy for container collection.

There was a suggestion in the past about utilising the Marino Point (old fertiliser plant) and reclaiming land around this point for container storage. This had the additional benefits of a local rail link (although it seems that its cheaper to TRUCK the containers than TRAIN them up the country!) as well as huge ship turning space in the Lee estuary…
This would have removed all the extra TRUCK traffic from around Carrigaline completely.

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