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The new OCP development seems out of place given the attrocious traffic problems associated with the Mahon Point interchange.

Note that of the original Jacobs Island development, of the 8 apartment blocks approved, only 4 have been built. 2 more (closet to Jack Lynch tunnel) are subject to a planning application (the original plan having lapsed), and the other 2 have not yet started. The 4 blocks not finished are larger in size than the 4 blocks that have been completed.

The OCP plan is not the only plan submitted, as McCarthy Developments have also lodged a plan for a commercial/residential development in the section of this land they own, comprising of 36 apartments.

So in all, there will be another 361 apartments and 184 bedrooms, or over 540 additional living spaces added. This does not include the 4 remaining apartment blocks that McCarthys have yet to be built… these having about 200+ apartments, for a grand total of over 700 new living spaces.

If the traffic situation is considered bad right now… consider what it will be like if these plans get the green light. Everyone using the tunnel is subject to this ridiculous traffic.

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