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After many false dawns, Murrayforde have finally submitted their planning application for Kyrl’s Quay:

“erection of hotel with associated bar, café/restaurant, conference facilities and leisure uses and residential development as well as demolition of 2 proposed protected structures (Warehouse, Kyrl’s Street and Parker’s, Kyrl’s Street, Piers and Gates) on 0.39 hectare site consisting of land and buildings/structures between Kyrls Quay and Kyrls Street (except for City Council surface level car park adjacent Cornmarket Street although re will be some oversailing of this car park by proposed balconies); land and buildings/structures to south of, and fronting, Kyrls Street (former Cork Timber and Slate premises, stone building dated 1856 and Cuan Lee Hostel) and an approximate 60m section of Kyrls Street, Cork. Proposed building has ground floor podium block from which norrn element (hotel) and western element (apartments) rise separately. Proposed 120 bedroom hotel has gross floor area of 8339 m² and is 7 storeys high over basement level. Hotel includes a 424 m² conference centre at ground floor level and 1177 m² leisure use with swimming pool (this includes 329 m² of gym, spa and leisure reception area at upper basement floor level) and two retail units (with a combined total of 130 m²) at ground floor level. Westernmost element consists of 80 apartments with a 703 m² semi-public amenity area at first floor level. Where it fronts onto Kyrls Quay, proposed apartments are eight storeys high over basement and this steps down to four storeys at site’s sourly extent where building abuts warehouse on corner of Cornmarket Street and Kyle Street. Development also proposes a two storey basement, with vehicular access and egress from Kyrls Quay by way of ramp access to a total of 70 car parking spaces. At upper basement level, as well as previously mentioned gym and spa, 400 m² of hotel kitchens and storage is proposed. Basement will also provide for ancillary plant and domestic storage areas and a staff room. Proposal includes demolition of 2 proposed protected structures and all or buildings and structures between Kyrls Quay and Kyrls Street as well as buildings to south of and fronting Kyrls Street (former Cork Timber and Slate premises, stone building dated 1856 and Cuan Lee Hostel) and all ancillary structures”

Nearby, on Shandon Street, Murrayforde have gone ahead and demolished (without permission) two buildings on their block of four between Old Friary Place and Dominick Street. The words structurally unsound has been thrown around, but its no coincidence that the developers have been refused or been signifigantly curtailed for a number of developments/part-developments for this site (including an open space to the rear of the now demolished buildings (former Castle Cleaners and a long derelict Bookmakers). The remaining two building in the group of four are sill standing. But for how long??

The Murrayforde block on Shandon Street. The two buildings bounded in purple were demolished recently .

Directly across the street, Joe Coughlan is looking to refurbish/amalgamate the former O’Connors funeral home premises and The Bell public house to provide a bookmakers, apartments and a number of houses to the rear, with access through an adjacent lane:

Two building marked with red to be refurbished; adjacent access laneway also marked (green)

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