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@kite wrote:

Reservations regarding the pod location were raised some months ago at committee stage by concerned councilors.
Agreement was reached between the Roads Department, engineers, planners and councilors that the pod would be offset 10 mtrs from the edge of the Bishop Lucey Park entrance.
;)Either some “senior” management figure decided to ignore the councilors (surly not!!), or some bright spark picked up the earlier plans, hence the debacle we now have.
:mad:Eyre Square part 2 ???

So its not even in the right place? Thats amazing levels of stupidity.
I think there’s far more chance of it being removed now than in a few weeks time when the glass and steel is added. Thats why everyone should put pressure on CCC to cop on to themselves over this one. It could be demolished in a day and erased from all our memories in a few weeks. I’ll volunteer to do the job!
I’m a big fan of most of Beth Gali’s work, particularly in Cork, but she’s really dropped the ball on that whole section from Singer’s Corner to Tuckey Street.

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