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Given the general lack of activity in the thread at the moment and as I’m having a quiet enough day at work, I did a trawl through the planning section of the Cork City Council website. Anyway, among the requests for retention of Velux windows and single storey extensions I came across the following slightly more interesting ones for people to comment on…

  • Osprey Properties seeking to build 127 apartments and 28 houses on the site of the telephone depot in Churchyard Lane, Ballinlough
  • Ulster Bank applying for planning permission for a bank at Gaol Cross
  • Demolition of the existing Manhattan Bar and the building of a new one with an attached off licence and 4 apartments
  • Maxol looking to redevelop their stations in Wilton and on the Boreenmanna Road.
  • O’Callaghan properties looking to add an extra 25 apartments above Academy St.
  • Frinailla applying for 58 apartments in a new six-storey building at the Good Shepherd.
  • Boland Developments looking for permission for 6 office blocks with a total floor area of 34,141 sq m on the former Ma/Com site in Mahon.

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