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@jungle wrote:

I’m waiting for the first person to dig up some of the pavement and just slap down a little tarmac with the back of a shovel (French Church St, anyone?).

yeah, what’s the story here?? Why haven’t CCC prosecuted Subway or whoever is responsible? Do they even know its happened? I must get apicture of it. The fact that they’ve painted it red to match the paving is beautiful!
I’ve just had a look at the conditions attached to the granting of permission for that development on Carey’s Lane. This one is interesting:

The applicant shall be responsible
for the immediate temporary reinstatement

to make safe any
damage to lane / road / footway
adjoining the development during
the course of the works.
Permanent reinstatement shall
subsequently be carried out by
Cork City Council
at the
applicants expense. The cost
shall be calculated in accordance
with the Roads Directorate
Reinstatement Charges
prevailing at the date of the
repair or alternatively the
work shall be carried out by the
applicant at the applicant’s expense
to approved detail and at the
discretion of Cork City Council.

Work has started on the cemetery on Carey’s Lane.

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