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@Radioactiveman wrote:

Not sure why there is such a huge gap between the hospital and the clinic. Must be plans for the site.

You’d imagine so, but if there were plans for infill, why would they put windows on the hospital side?

Sorry for going back to the Pana/Oliver Plunkett St debate so late after it, but I’m just back from holidays. I quite like the new Patrick St. There are some parts where the pavement is a little narrow, but it’s a huge improvement on what was there before. It would help if traffic levels could be reduced.

The problem with Oliver Plunkett St is that the finish looks cheap. The stone and tarmac bits are OK, if a little uninspired, but the bits where there are tiles looks awful. They’re not evenly spaced and the gaps are too big anyway. Many of the new light poles are already looking tatty. I’m waiting for the first person to dig up some of the pavement and just slap down a little tarmac with the back of a shovel (French Church St, anyone?).

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