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Excellent photos as usual Malec. Keep up the good work.

That’s the Breastcheck clinic near the Victoria Hospital. Not sure why there is such a huge gap between the hospital and the clinic. Must be plans for the site.

This has indeed restarted. They painted it a cheap shade of yellow. The ‘roof’ has been painted a darker colour and extensive glazing has now bee added to the middle section of the front facade. Seems to be motoring along now, but don’t ask me what they are doing with it. A boutique hotel was mentioned way back. Its a real shame what happened here.

Random building 1.

I believe this is some sort of Nursing training centre associated with the Mercy Hospital.

Random building 2.

This is an extension of the UCC owned Lee Maltings site after the movement of Zoology to Distillery Fields. The extension will all form par tof the Tyndall Institute.

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