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Hear hear. Look, its a question of personal tastes so no one is right and no one is wrong but I personally think the new St Patrick St is the nicest street in Ireland by a distance. It is anything but cheap looking.

Agree re criticism (esp of tarmac) of Oliver Plunkett st though.

I live in exile so only get to see Cork on the odd occasion but I have to say that I find the Pana redevelopment to be fantastic, and OP to be a disappointment.

My favourite area though is Emmet Place. There is plenty of pavement space, and I love the understated simplicity. Having the Crawford helps of course.

What I like about Cork’s redevelopment is that we have chosen not to just follow the look and feel of an English town centre, but taken our influence from the continent. This is in keeping with the tradition of Cork with a refusal to look too much to the English for inspiration 😎

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