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Actually, I think Oliver Plunkett St. has improved enormously already. One of the best moves the council has made was to pedestrianise the street. Good to see some businesses appearing and others getting a facelift at the Lower end of the street – such as the Market Lane in the old Aoife Landers (very nice renovation done inside) and the very tasteful redo of Milanos. When the Beasley St. hotel opens, it can only add to this.

There were various rumours about the Bodega (silent partners objecting to its use as a store) etc, but who knows what the truth is. It is still open late as a nightclub, I believe. Pity, one of the best in Cork, and offered something substantially new and different when it opened.

Washington St. still looks very poor, with not just Mannix’s but several buildings in very poor repair.

I just noticed today the building on Tuckey St. nearest the entrance to Bishop Lucey Park is receiving its first paint job – it could be quite nice if they do a good job accentuating the detail.

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