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I just took a wander through the city this lunch time having been away for a few weeks. In general the City is improving on a daily basis but there are some annoying eyesores that really should be sorted out.

I think the Grand Parade is coming along nicely. The wide pavements look well but one criticism would be the lack to date of bars, restaurants and cafes with outside seating as it is ideal for this – Soho is the honourable exception. In this regard the loss of the former restaurant/cafe next to Fitzgeralds electrical – now a (admittedly nice) shoe store – is a pity. Still such changes of use will happen with time I’d imagine.

The start of Washington St is similarly benefiting from the Council’s work and again business is following the council’s lead with a new cafe and v nice new restaurant on the side by Singer’s Corner (surely due a change of use itself even if it is an institution!). On the other side of the road comes bugbear no.1 – Mannixs. Why? It is an attrocity of an eyesore. Moreover it has PP for (I’d say) 3 yrs. Anyone any idea if there are plans to build? Anyone any idea when the Planning runs out?

The Coal Quay is similarly coming along and the new shopping centre will be fine (I’d say ready at Christmas judging by progress). Its no world beater but the Church bit will be nice and I assume there will be access (and views) to it from Paul St. On the Opp side of Coal Quay there is a new version of the Coal Quay bar (“the Cornstore”) which seems very nicely appointed and a big improvement on its predecessor. Quite what is happening with the Bodega God only knows but given the original reason for OOC’s purchase was as temporary accommodation for a shop, the lack of that new use to date (or any sign of it) is a bit of a mystery. Surely the need for such use will pass soon?

Finally Washington St itself is slowly improving and the new Jurys and associated apartments look quite well. However bugbear no.2 is the Kino. Again it has PP for years for a 3 storey redevelopment as a two (three?) screen arthouse cinema plus cafe, etc. Any idea if there is any progress likely soon? Surely the PP is going to run out in the next 18 months I’d have thought………..

Just as a general observation, on a sunny day Cork is rapidly becoming a nice city to walk around – particularly Patrick St, the streets toward Paul St and even Oliver Plunkett St (though this is a disappointment overall I feel though the rapidly changing tenants are improving it). The upgrading of the Grand Parade and its surrounds described above is further enhancing the feel of the city I think. Any news viz the Kino and Mannix would be appreciated though.

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