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Its interesting to see that Waterpark Construction Ltd. have applied to demolish Millfield Cottages in their entirety to replace with the same number (18) of newly built houses on the site.
The cottages are of historic and architectural merit, although they are now substandard in their living accomodation. They were built in the 1860’s as Workman’s cottages for the nearby industries.
There were proposals some time ago to have the cottages listed as an Area of Special Character.

As far as I’m aware, the owners of the adjacent retail park purchased the leasehold of the cottages in the last few years. It is unknown whether they have the support of the residents for the development.

Nearby, the same company have submitted a very promising application for an infill development on Dublin Street between numbers 37 and 40. 37-39 were demolished as part of the building of the shopping centre. Number 40 remains in good condition.

Both applications are up for decision on the 28th of this month.

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