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I know it’s not finished yet, but ordinary is the most positive description I can come up with for the breastcheck building.

As regards the area, there’s still plenty of development to come here. The mechanics yard is surely too big a site for it to continue to be used as such given the location. There are also a number of city council yards off Old Station Road where the land value cannot justify the use (but when has that been a consideration with state institutions…). Finally, I seem to rememeber a plan, mentioned on here a long time ago, to build on what is currently the card park of Anglesey St Garda Station. Not sure what became of that, but again surface parking in such a central location is not really justifiable.

As the buildings are put in place, upgrades to the pedestrian environment for the are will become vital (it’s already one of the worst in the city). I assume we’ll see it 10 years after the buildings are in place though…

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