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samuel j

@Spinal Tap wrote:

Looking at Planning Files the litany of spurious serial objectors the term “Professional Help” certainly spring to mind everytime one describes anything over 3-storys “Manhattan” style development in an open planning process – The Evening Echo here is equally guilty as any new proposal for Cork / Docklands is described in similar terms. If its not a rare bird or plant that suddenly comes to attention and needs protection in the City Centre to the detriment of the majority of the citizens for roads,infrastructure,buildings etc.

The planners and the system are not completly stupid you know.

BTW Manhattan is a fantastic place.

Yes the serial objector is indeed a glitch in the system and undoubtedly a huge time loss etc., but I guess such is their right.
Know well some of the beauties some anti groups come up with and again time and money spent investigating etc. may well be used elsewhere but again I guess such it their right.

“The planners and the system are not completly stupid you know.” – of course not but it is inconsistency that gets many a Joe Bloggs up in arms. When I say inconsistency I mean the apparent lack of a level playing field for those applying for planning. I know numerous examples of one off applications, in most cases individuals who are made jump through hoops and conditions to get the planning they require. And thats fine and most will accept that but 1 or 2 years later, a developer comes along with say 3+ houses and upwards and its like all the conditions, levels, proximities do not apply at all. Rushbrooke by the way if full of such cases….
Its what people see around them happening that then cause the Manhattan effect… which I agree is a fantastic place.
People get very annoyed when they themsevles have been through the planning process and willingly spent time and money getting it right but to then see developments popping up in and around locality where everything they adherred to, just does not seem to come into question. This gets um out as they say and can produce some nuggets on rare plants, birds and even transform your average Joe into the dreaded serial objector…. its just frustration.

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