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Spinal Tap

@samuel j wrote:

I take your point that “circumstances like market environments change during the long ardous planning process which could take up to 3 years in certain areas” but its the rogue developer who blantantly submits revision after revision in an attempt to confuse those who may be effected. I’ve come across many such cases with the end result that your average Joe, is totally confused and unless he/she has the resources to get professional help, it has been too late by the time they spotted a change that may effect them adversely. It just seems that the system works perfectly for such devious developers.

Looking at Planning Files the litany of spurious serial objectors the term “Professional Help” certainly spring to mind everytime one describes anything over 3-storys “Manhattan” style development in an open planning process – The Evening Echo here is equally guilty as any new proposal for Cork / Docklands is described in similar terms. If its not a rare bird or plant that suddenly comes to attention and needs protection in the City Centre to the detriment of the majority of the citizens for roads,infrastructure,buildings etc.

The planners and the system are not completly stupid you know.

BTW Manhattan is a fantastic place.

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