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Spinal Tap

@kite wrote:

Frinailla and Firestone Developments are at it again.
Following both receiving planning for the Dennehy’s Cross and Eden sites respectively, they have yet again applied for “modifications” to their proposals.
It was brought up before on this thread and I will repeat it again, this type of planning application should incur a fee of at least 100,000 euro to ensure applicants / architects get it right first time.
Multiple applications indicate that the original proposal was flawed and justifies the existence of anti apartment groups such as CSD

    Applicants are well within their rights in applying for amendments to previously granted planning applications

A fee of 100,000 Euro is ridiculous and circumstances like market environments change during the long ardous planning process which could take up to 3 years in certain areas – its not like they are applying for radically different uses etc or a completly different scheme – remember thats why drawings are produced rather than build something which the market/planners/local cranks does not require.

The city where 3-storey buildings is described as high rise is nonsense.

I recently viewed a planning file for an application for a small 3-storey scheme in Rushbrooke where all the residents wrote in submissions against “Manhattan” type developments in their area.


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