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Regarding the spectacular planning application Radioactiveman, I think you will be proved right on that. Plans should include the removal of the street running behind the old Phillips store and the Fruit & Veg warehouse with it being covered and incorporated into the proposed development now that Joe Gavin got his wish to remove the old warehouse (next to the Bridewell Garda Station) from the proposed Record of Protected Structures allowing it to be demolished.

Thanks for setting us straight on that one kite.

With regard to Kyrl’s Quay, CCC recently advertised their intention to remove right of way through Kyrl’s Street (??) i.e. the street running through that particular site and emerging outside the Bridewell Garda Station,

This has been mentioned in other threads before, but during 2005, CCC ran a design competition for this very site. The winning entry was by Conroy Architecture:

The judges liked:
1. The recognition of the importance of the river by the provision of a raised river-side walk.
2. The proposal opens new routes between Kyrl’s Quay, the City Wall and the City.
3. Placing the buildings at right angles to the quay creates new routes through the site, allows views across the site, links to the river and improves the permeability of the entire area.
4. The entrants showed a careful consideration of circulation routes and the use of different levels linked to public spaces.
5.The concept and building forms are sufficiently robust to accommodate a range of uses including retail, offices, residential, leisure and cultural activities.’

Other well placed entries include:

Expect a taller design when Murray Ford submit in the next few weeks.

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