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@who_me wrote:

I wasn’t aware this was moving on so quickly! (Unusual for Cork…)

Have images of the development been posted? One of the facades at the front of the building is quite nice, it’d be a shame if it were knocked. 🙁

The Patrick Street facade is being retained, predictably, it being the original frontage. I do consider it quite bland, but appreciate its significance and it does seem to fit in with the adjoining buildings. As for the new build, a render of the rear end facing Emmet Square was posted way back on the LADSOCL thread, but I don’t have the energy to go trawling through it right now to find it, but I can tell you it was not the most inspiring piece of architecture I have seen, but I’ll reserve judgement for the time being. Design is by Bertie Pope & Associates, but I don’t think there’s anything on their website in the way of images.

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