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@Leesider wrote:

article in the examiner today

we really we need a few strong politicans in Cork

That article is very interesting in that the “President” tries to pass the buck about what can now only be described as “the failed docklands project” onto the Government.
Some City Councillors jealousy guarded the docklands redevelopment over the past 7 years from national interference as it could derail their gravy train of foreign junkets (and expenses). Now with the wheels well and truly coming off their bandwagon they get their buddies to protect them from public anger.
Mr. Flack would do better to point the finger of blame on the real culprits such as some of the Councillors appointed to Boards that have dragged their heals and scupper the Docklands project instead of allowing himself to be groomed by a political party for the 2009 local elections, or co-opted after Thursday 24th May depending on who gets the nod to the Dail.

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