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Hi folks!
dont know for how long ive been browsing your comments & love to hear whats happening around da city. For the first time im in a position to buy a property that i LOVE. Not sure if im mad or not but ive put in a bit for the chapel for sale on the lee road /our ladys hospital.
It consists of the 900sq ft chapel on 0.8ac with full planning for a bistro/rest designed by coughlan de kyser etc…Suppose guys, ide love your help /views /advice with regard to what i can do with the chapel. What i want to do is live in it after doing a renovation job similar to those ive seen on grand designs on the tv….but ive no interest in building a bar/bistro thingy….and i dont have that kind of money…..What ide love to do is build some kind of contemp apartments which i could rent out….but yet wont ruin the appearence/character of the church…. Maybe im half mad but I have the money to raise enought the purchase & restoration of the chapel as my residence…..If i could do something with the remaining grounds….I may be able to live in this fab building with a reasonable mortgage………..Ide love if you can give me some ideas Thanks, Patrick

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