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No, not HH – it was a new grouping that were going to do it by way of some kind of arrangement with MAS – hence the inclusion of a MAS structure on site. Perhaps the fact that it wasn’t one of the ‘established few’ worked against them? I do know, however, that a LOT of work had been done on it. Architects were london-based and there were/are proprietary rights over the roof design which gave it significant advantages over traditional methods

🙂 Thanks for the images theblimp.
That conference center and type of design is just what Cork Docklands needs to get the whole docklands area up and running, that and giving a few local Councillors a kick up the backside, (if they ever get off their backsides?)
It really is a pity that this whole Docklands project is dictated by the “Cork Mafia”, if one of the “chosen few” had made the approach to the MAS I wonder would it be fast tracked through planning?, would the CPO of the site went ahead?
😉 Planning in Cork depends on who is doing the asking, NOT what is being proposed.

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