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Last year CCC invited proposals from interested parties for the provision of a new Central Library. Documentation was prepared which set out specification of requirements with an indication that the new library should be located in the Grand Parade or its vicinity. They offered the existing library site as part of the package.

Five proposals were received following the public call. A selection process was implemented resulting in a recommendation that the proposal of Frinailla Developments be accepted

Frinailla Development’s proposal involves the building of the new library on part of the current library site extending into adjoining property. The new library proposed will comprise in excess of 50,000 sq.ft. which is twice the size of the existing library. The cost of designing and building the new library will be met by Frinailla Developments. The building will be handed over to the City Council in exchange for that part of the current library site which will not form part of the new library.

Under the arrangement, the City Council will secure a Central Library on Grand Parade without any financial outlay. Frinailla Developments will also provide temporary accommodation for the current library, while the new one is under construction, free of charge.
A planning application for the library and for the development of the adjoining run-down buildings will be made within two months.

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