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😮 Tensions have arisen since Christmas between city management and major stakeholders in the docklands area due to the complete lack of movement there over the past years.
Stakeholders have gone over the heads of city management in recent weeks with approaches to Government members to have the development in the area fast tracked, this along with discontented rumblings in the local press has forced city management to assure stakeholders that “when”? the CPO is confirmed on the Showgrounds the city will be in a position to plough ahead with this jewel in Cork’s crown.
City Hall are desperate to ensure that the planning of the docklands does not fall out of their control.

🙂 City management has decided to play hardball with developers who do not complete works to a level so that the CCC can take the areas in charge.
City Manager, Joe Gavin has indicated his intention to call in Development Bonds to pay for unfinished works after a period of 2 years past the completion due date.

🙂 Businessman, Mr.Pat Dineen should take a bow after selling St.Luke’s Church last week to the city for the same price he paid for it in 2003 (690,000euro)

😮 Following Cllr. Brian Bermingham’s efforts to “unstraighten” Patrick’s Hill and install a cable car from “The summit to Patrick’s Street, and up again” (where else would it go?) he is now proposing that the Wilton Pub be listed as a Protected Structure.

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