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as per the examiner local councillors have adopted a resolution to protect views and skylines in Cork. I can understanc that (in fact I assumed it was just automatic when thinking of blocking things like cathedrals etc) but is there an actual point in the whole resolution, planners are supposed to protect the views anyway and An Taisce usually weigh in at some stage?

i’d hope though that this isnt a sneaky, lets stop all high rise move and what implications does it have for the 20/24 storey at horgans quay? we’ve been waiting long enough for some movement there and are still waiting for some Magic Martin Cullen moves to fix the appalling train station and face it towards the quays and integrate the bus

😮 I think it may be a case of more Councillors jumping on the ever expanding CSD group bandwagon.
Even Cllr. Quill, a person who always supported the Manager is now of the view that we should put the past “mistakes” aside and ensure that no future building would interfere with the Views and Prospects contained in the Managers variation of the City Development Plan.
The danger in adopting this variation (as CCC have done) is that the variation is now going to be on a statutory footing under the Planning and Development Act 2000 as far as planning applications are concerned and discretion will be removed from professional planners in Cork.

……”planners to have a presumption against development that compromises the quality of or adversely affects important views and prospects”

:rolleyes: Some may say that the developers have only themselves to blame for falling out of favour with the Manager as the city is owed 10,267,023 euro in development levies.
To date those that owe in excess of 25,000 to the city in levies include;

Mr. Joe Kelleher,
Firestone Developments Ltd,
Lance Investments,
Mr. Paul Montgomery,
Fernhurst Investments,
Project Management,
The Freeland Partnership,
Descon Ltd,
Howard Webworks,
Cork County Council,
Brideview Developments Ltd,
Cummor Construction Ltd.

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