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I know that the answer to my question is all over this thread, but I’ve been searching for the past while and I can’t seem to find it! Probably due to staring at a computer screen all day! I am wondering what is the total sq footage being created by the Academy street development and the Cornmarket street development? Any news on prospective tenants? Habitat has been thrown around before. Also any update on the Grand Parade hotel site? I was in Cork during “The Christmas” but never got a chance to check that one out!

It was great being home last week, town was buzzing and looked great. Rory Gallagher place / around by The Raven etc all really lively! The OPC street lights grew on me after a few days. Will they be a permanent fixture? I appreciate Cork alot more now that I’m living in Dublin for 2 years!!:) Easier to get around to shops, good buzz and slightly cheaper! 🙂

Check out this brochure, has quite a bit of info on the Cornmarket Centre development:

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