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@phatman wrote:

Maybe not so unlikely. Did any of ye not hear of a rumoured €100 million development plan? It made its way to the front page of the echo, which I admit is hardly the most reliable or accurate of sources. Haven’t heard anything in a while though…

I’ve heard a 50K all seater might be planned/hoped for alright, but I can’t imagine it’ll happen any time soon. And if it does, I can’t imagine it being anything other than GAA sports only.

Which is a real pity, we just don’t have the population here for each sporting organisation to go its own way, how great it would be to have one large, modern stadium (like the municipal stadia in France).

There were myriad rumours and gossip a while back about the GAA wanting to build a hotel onto the new ground too, with land being needed from the showgrounds, and the controversy that entailed.

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