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@kite wrote:

:Evening Echo 2007.
OCP is to evoke a condition of planning to get out of providing an event centre in Cork??…….

………YES I am pessimistic, with the Cork Mafia in full flight who wouldn’t be?

Dont think its teh best spot for it anyway – Mr J Gavin is determined to have an event centre at horgans quay,a 5,000 seater which would be fine if the station had been moved around when promised (wont happen for at leat 3 years in my opinion) and it would make sense that people could come off the train/bus and go there

Will say it again but Pairc Ui Chaoimh needs to be razed to the ground and a 50,000 seater stadium for matches across all sports and concerts, add in the conference center and it would be superb

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