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goldiefish wrote:
….What will become of the Old limestone buildings that sit within the walls of the CIE yard at Horgans quay? Will they “fall down” by accident during the construction process(as has already happened elsewhere in the county to listed buildings or those with preservation orders)….

…And by the way, where is the historic fountain on Grand Parade gone? This important structure has served as a useful facility for years where many a young student learnt to swim during Rag week. Also missing is the Traffic Island that was used by many motorcyclists as a safe parking space,QUOTE]

As long as insurance companies cover acts of spontaneous combustion listed and protected buildings are in danger in Cork.:rolleyes:

The fountain on the Grand Parade was to be removed permanently to provide a turning area for cars. Following representations from “civic minded” councilors on Cork City Council (yes there are some) the fountain was removed to facilitate the renewal works.
😎 It should be back in all its glory in March 2007

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