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kite wrote:
😑 A bridge too far for Lidl?
Councillors are due to vote again on the material contravention of the City Development Plan 2004-09 to allow Lidl open a store in Churchfield.
Following on a huge campaign in the past 2 weeks by residents, Councillors and TD&#8217]

:rolleyes: Surprise surprise, Lidl have been granted permission to develop a supermarket in Churchfield following the rezoning of land on the instructions (demands) of city manager, Joe Gavin.
Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely delighted Mr. Gavin went against a Cork Mafia food giant in pushing for Lidl. πŸ˜‰ I just hope when he needs sponsorship to redevelop a Queen Anne House in Cork in the future Lidl will step up to the mark with buckets of cash??

( One of CCC’s Conditions of planning)
“The off-licence element of the proposed development shall be omitted and notwithstanding the exempted development provisions within the Planning & Development Regulations, 2001, as amended by the Planning & Development Regulations 2005, no part of the proposed retail unit shall be used as an off-licence”.

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