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@orion wrote:

Guide price on Wilton Centre is €320-330m not what papers reported last week €285m)
Dublin prices have arrived in Cork but are there any silly fools willing to pay this?
It most certainly wil not be a Cork based developer as the fat has all been stripped out by Joe OD, based
on maxing the local area plan. An other interesting taught is that the councilors in bishopstown aka Gerry(i want to be a TD) and Mary (i only like bungalows)Sheilds pushed and pushed for the very plan which has given Wilton the increase in value by HEIGHT and floor area So when this giant shopping centre is put into planning will these same people run around flapping? One thing for sure if I was (i am not) Joe OD, I would fund Gerrys(i am a teacher get me out of here!) campaign next year as a thank you or maybe he is already!!!!!!

😮 J.Buttimer seems to be making a habit, and a fool out of himself the way he prances around mouthing off at every opportunity.
Joe O’D backing him for election?, what is the name of the developer who funds the Bishopstown GAA club where “our” Jerry is president???:rolleyes:

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