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Spinal Tap

@jungle wrote:

The public lighting in the City Centre is in a shocking state. As the evenings draw in, you notice it more. Over Jazz weekend, I remember noting that only two of the six lights on Patrick’s Bridge were working.

The section of Grand Parade between Bishop Lucey Park and Washington Street had no working lights. With the nearby construction work, this made it an intimidating walk after dark.

You can spend all the money you like on CCTV, but good public lighting is still the best way to reduce crime and make people feel safer.

Ironically, it’s not so bad in the suburbs where there are much fewer pedestrians.

It was very dark in the Western end of O.P.Street allright and in general of most streets around Rory Gallagher place.
The light standards on St.Patricks Bridge were banjaxed during the year of culture so I am sure that they are’nt going to bother fixing them now.Compare to light standards on Parliament Bridge.
Also the ammount of disused light standards and poles for old signage in Cork City is unreal.No thought whatsoever to the sighting of street furniture etc which end up as obstacles for pedestrians etc.

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