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@Spinal Tap wrote:

They seem to have “colonised” whole streets at this stage which is making it hard for pedestrians in the narrower streets which have been re-paved recently and are now virtually impassable at peak times.
Surely any licences for outdoor seating must take the width of the lanes / streets into consideration.
I would have thought that 1 table width around the perimeter or front of cafe or restaurant is sufficient as in the Bodega whilst the Newport has a Parisian style annexation of Rory Gallagher place.Tha slalom like nature of walking down French Church Street now is a pity.On a related note it might be a good idea to start pedestrianise Academy Street,Devonshire street and the streets off Emmett Place and the rear of the Savoy which would give that area just off Patrick Street a boost and take pressure off the Hugenot quarter.

Couldn’t agree more with the previous writer. We are being told that all public buildings will need Access Certs etc., but many of the screens outside the cafes do present serious obstacles to people with visual impairments and those with buggies. The other issue I think needs to be addressed, nationally as opposed to just Cork, is the proliferation of radiant heat lamps – there is a certain irony in cafe selling oganic products, proporting to be “green” and then trying to heat the entire world with wall mounted heaters! I know they are installed for peoples’ comfort, but do we really need them?

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