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kite wrote:
😮 In fairness everybody could come up with some excuse not to build apartments in their back yard, the kids, the trees, the roads, the views, ”Historic” Houses, endangered snails, etc etc, hence the term NIMBY.
Developers are in the business of making money]
Answer me this question then.

How are the people who would live here supposed to get to where they work/where they shop etc.?

The best that you can say for this location is that it is on the number 10 and number 19 bus routes, but these are already overflowing at rush hour.

Alternatively, you could put them in cars, but the local road network is already congested (For fun, try driving down Skehard Rd between 8 and 9 in the morning).

We have several hundred acres of redundant brownfield land in the Docklands and large underused sites in central areas (look at Anglesea St for example).

We also have a proposed suburban rail network that will serve lots of bungalows. Near Little Island and Glounthaune stations could support hundreds of apartments.

But, if we have substantial development of suburban apartment complexes, where is the incentive to develop these?

I would be far happier to see 20 or 30 storey development in the Docklands than suburbs rising to a general 3 to 4 storeys.

In my case Lovett’s is not a NIMBY issue at all. My parents live between the Douglas and South Douglas Roads, which aren’t a million miles away, but too far to be affected. I haven’t lived anywhere near the area since the late 90s.

I accept your point about profitability for developers, but that is why we have a planning system. Developers would always try to maximise their profits.

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