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In responce to your suggestion that JoeO’Donovan and Wilton Shopping centre are worst off over Primark(Penny’s) moving in rather than M&S.Firstly M&S is an upmarket dept style retailer who only attract a certain higher end customer and this would limit Wilton’s appeal to the much large market that Primark represent.Given that Primark have the largest foot fall of any retailer on Patricks Street and foot fall is related to rents ,now Joe O’Donavan has a stronger tenant paying a higher rent (over the €15 sqft that M&S wanted) which he can use to rise the profile and yield on his centre.

:rolleyes: Any truth in the rumour that JO’D was looking for Michael Guiney or the Pound shop to increase the so called “Foot Fall”?
This (his) plan was to redevelop the Wilton Cenrte in the long therm..The City Manager’s answer to CCC last night more or less confirmed as much, “The Wilton Centre is zoned for commercial and residential development”:p

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