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@Pug wrote:

With AIB blackpool closing down, what are the chances of Frinailla taking it in as part of their watercourse rd development? Would be hilarious if after all Kathleen Lynchs objections to their site, that they bought the AIB site which moved because they were refused planning on an objection put in by……..Kathleen Lynch.

No, I think AIB have their heart set on a move to the retail park in Blackpool. Unfortunately banks don’t really want to deal with the general public anymore, so they figure the closer they get to their business clients and the further they get away from real people the better 🙂 but that’s another day’s argument!

So, what with this fire at R&H Hall (delibrately started according to some reports), will we see the development of this area move forward at a quicker pace, or not? I know CCC had been in negotiations with all landowners in the docklands. I think it was on here that I heard that at one time, CCC had planned to move the City Archives (now located in Blackpool) to a new site, close to these silo’s. Now that would have been some progress!

I’ve mentioned this before, but we really need a full on Cork Docklands Authority to oversee this whole development and actually get it moving. I know CCC have set up a docklands directorate, and that’s a start, but we need to see national involvement and that of high profile business leaders and developers.
Perhaps some clever politician will set something up before the upcoming election. Could be a real votewinner for Cork!

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