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Could somebody please explain to me what this event has to do with Developments in Cork (the title of the thread)? It would appear to me that it is quite the opposite of development (unless you take the PDA 2000 definition of ‘development’ as including demolition- but that’s stretching that definition a bit). Wouldn’t it belong more properly in the Cork Docklands thread?

1. It’s a significant event in the city which will have an effect on the timeframe in which we can hope to see serious development in the south docks.
2. These buildings are the skyline of the inner harbour and today’s fire will presumably lead to their loss. Now whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is debatable but it is development related nonetheless.
3. The image itself gives a good view of the south docks/kent station site and shows why the Manor Park Homes development urgently needs to get off the ground.
4. Finally, corkdood thought it was something interesting and went out of his way to make a positive contribution to the thread. Fair play to him.

Who are you ctesiphon? The thread police?

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