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🙁 After following the great “Dublin historic paving disbelief” thread, I feel it is sad that the historic paving in Cork is suffering a similar fate, replacing the paving outside Cork City Hall with Patrick Street leftovers instead of affecting a proper repair to what was there is sad.

Kite – Have been following that threat as well and it is shocking to see what they are doing re the old paving in Dublin. Alas, Cork does not have much good quality paving at all, and what little granite paving we do have has been left to fall into disrepair. Having said that, although the Patrict’s street paving is not to everyone’s taste, I quite like it. Hopefully, it will be maintained and not be ruined by a combination of black chewing gum marks, or wilful destruction by the utility companies. Re the City Hall paving, here is a shot I took of the new paving they were laying in August. Is this granite quarried locally or is it what the Dublin thread was referring to as Chinese White Granite?

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