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Is there a LAP prepared now for the village in question. If not then it will still be covered by the new county development plan until a new plan is made, they hope to get them ready in the next two years, but Meath CC is under alot of work and are losing alot of staff because of this, so I would be surprised if it took longer.
So i imagine the “inside” information the people who aproached to buy it was the fact that they are revising the county plan.

I know you said the draft county plan had no changes from the 2001 plan, but they will have gotten alot of submissions on zoning and rezoning. I imagine the buyers wanted to buy the land and get a zoning submission into the council.
The date for subbmissions has past (last friday), so the buyers might stop. But if the LAP is being prepared in the coming years then it will start again. If you are thinking of selling the land at all, i’d recommend trying to get it zoned in the LAP first. Will greatly increase its value.

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