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Yes, the something they know that I don’t is what I’m trying not to get caught out by. If it’s a question of influence that I don’t have then I guess there’s not a lot I can do about it. I have been advised by auctioneers that ‘the builders’ can get zoning much easier that the ordinary individual because they know the right people etc.

The thing is, it’s hard to see how it should suddenly attract such interest right now. While, like many towns and villages throughout the country there has been considerable development in the area in recent years, there are also some obvious constraints on further expansion, the roads for one thing would need a major upgrade to handle the traffic from any large scale development and there’s not a sign of that in the plan at the moment. Also the status of the village has not changed, it isn’t marked as a ‘growth centre’ or anything like that and I imagine that would happen before you’d see a village turn into a town. Can you just go expanding a village massively without flagging it in advance in the development plan?

There is one factor which could have a major impact on the place’s suitability for development in the longer term. But all the evidence suggests that this is very much in the long term and getting longer if anything. It’s very hard to see what is driving the interest now but it certainly has the feel of something that some people have got wind of.

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